It's only out of sheer luck that I'm posting exactly a month after I last posted. This blog is not a monthly blog, nor is it even a real blog.

I'll say it again:


Which entails writing between 250-500 words. I think... I'm probably making those numbers up.

Anyway, what you all came here for. Masculinity.

Now, I know what you're all thinking.

"Please, straight white man, tell us your struggle with masculinity."

And here's my answer: ok sure fine i'll tell you

I don't struggle with masculinity. I identify with my definition of masculinity wholeheartedly. I often feel strange when I interact with others who have a different idea of what makes someone a man, or someone masculine. Sometimes it's a good strange, I feel like I'm a rare find and I can tell that my outgoing, unique personality gives them permission to let loose a little bit. Sometimes it's a crappy strange, I feel embarrassed, like I've acted in a way that makes me undesirable. It's like I'm supposed to feel ashamed, and when I sense that I'm supposed to feel a certain way, I often do. I'm under social pressure's control.


Is what I would love to say right now.

But I can't quite yet. I need a few people to back me up and to support me in my finding of self and self expression.

Which is why I'm developing an artist collective called REDEFINE MASCULINITY

To me, masculinity is

.knowing oneself

.being a focused listener

.understanding ones emotions

.utilizing self-expression

This collective is open to whomever wishes to take the journey. We support and produce YOU and YOUR WORK. Your work does not have to be directly aligned with redefine masculinity's core message. That's MY core message and I'm using that to support YOU and whatever work it is you love and expresses you as best it can.

Thanks for reading. Visit for more info. The website is slowly coming along. Soon we'll have featured artists on the front page!

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