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Media Management Professional

I am an experienced Editor and Media Manager with technical expertise in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and AVID MC (Certified).


I have a mastery and love of storytelling in post-production. The building and breaking of tension is just one of the ways we captivate an audience and get them on our side.


I help other comedians develop and produce their written work. I like punching-up with satire backed by a writer's strong opinions.

On the set of Murmur


David is a Brooklyn-based video editor with a knack for comedy.


Though David began as an actor, he quickly realized his passion is filmmaking. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Stony Brook University. He also studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and UCB NY’s improv comedy training center. After co-starring on the network TV show Happy!, David shifted his focus to production work. 


David spent years engaging in all aspects of film production as an editor, PA, 2nd AC, and producer. He studied film production and editing at BRIC Arts Media and Manhattan Edit Workshop.


In 2019, he developed writer/actor Ben Odom's 10 episode digital comedy series, The Hosts, World Premiere NEWFEST 2022. In addition to producing and editing his own projects, David worked as a freelance producer and production manager on the pilot for Dr. Dee Dee's ABC's of Grief, titled Murmur. David has worked with adults and kids with disabilities since 2016 and cares passionately about equitable representation in the arts.


When not editing, David enjoys a game of kickball in McCarren Park!

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