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actually edit your footage. 

I take your best moments, the ones that are so on-brand, marketable, hell yes moments,

and I meticulously re-edit your scene so it


You don't want to pay a corporate demo reel editing company to slap your scenes together and call it a day.


Your demo reel is your BRAND. Your demo reel gets you REPRESENTATION. Your demo reel gets you CALLED IN.

So often, the footage we receive showcases our scene partners and not ourselves.

I can fix that.

Now it's your turn to answer the question:


Traditional Demo Reel 


60-90 second reel


  • Pro Color-Correction

  • Audio clean up

  • Appropriate Soundtrack

  • Title cards, transitions and fades  

  • Headshot page with contact info

Let's face it.

Industry people with robust attention spans are an endangered species.

This next package is designed for those who want a high energy reel that states their brand from the get-go.

This is a great tool for social media and diverges from the traditional reel format. It puts you in a great place for online casting websites like Actor's Access, CastingNetworks, Backstage, etc.

I like to think of it kinda like a music video, where you're the music and all the editing is in your rhythm.

Branded Demo Reel Package


60 second branded reel

  • Pro Color-Correction

  • Audio clean up

  • Appropriate Soundtrack

  • Perfect fonts for your brand

  • Individual Clips for Actor's Access, etc. with each clip strategically titled

I follow Bonnie Gillespie's doctrine of branding and professionalism. 

Her book "Self-Management for Actors" comes highly recommended!

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