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I've started a blog so my website shows up in Google Search

I want to keep forward momentum, not halt myself with focus on things like fixes for my bed loft. I'm spending a lot of time being creative, in my spare time this week I finally posted a video of myself singing, like really singing- microphone and everything- to instagram. That was pretty big for me, I'm used to not advertising myself like that online, even though I sing literally everywhere I go in real life.

Even when you feel stuck, time keeps its momentum moving forward. Sometimes you gotta just hitch a ride with time. That's exercising patience. That's forgiving yourself for your failures and looking at what you're doing now and why you're doing it. It's staying present and goal-oriented. It's called goal-oriented because you need to orient- pivot, turn towards, focus on- your goals. There are a million paths to take, options to choose from, and opportunities to seize in this world, but if you can't focus on one thing--

actually, I don't know how much I believe that. I think you can focus on a few things...

Eh. Everyone is so different.

I'm going to give myself three things.

I honestly don't know if I know what those are right now. And these are specific things, by the way. I don't mean three things like "job, money, relationship." I mean like, theatre acting, sailboat racing, and taoist principles. Those are examples.

Gonna keep thinking about that.

Later haters


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