Current Projects

M.B.I.P (thriller feature in contract)

MAGGIE (creative producer/director, dramedy short)

10 + XMAS (TBD, holiday feature in contract)

UNTITLED (TBD, romcom feature in contract)

Body of Work

THA GOD'S HONEST TRUTH (actor, Comedy Central)

  • network costar

YAHTZEE! (writer/director/actor/producer, sketch comedy)

  • a comedy sketch about a man who goes to a psychic about a future romance

  • selected for 7 film festivals and counting...

THE HOSTS (creative producer/production manager/director, digital comedy series)

  • an LGBT+ story of a young man's successes and failures in the NYC hookup scene

MURMUR (creative producer/production manager/co-director, comedy pilot)

  • a NYWIFT story about the awkwardness of grief

  • selected for 3 film festivals during covid...

OLDER BROTHERS (producer/writer/actor/editor, romcom short)

  • a story of autism and brotherhood

HAPPY! (actor, SyFy)

  • network costar